Fibredyne Carbon Block Water Filter Cartridge

Item Number: WMCB-10HD


Product Information:

Cartridges featuring our unique Fibredyne™ technology

For whole house applications.

American Plumber® introduces the WMCB series of molded carbon block cartridges, featuring our unique Fibredyne® technology. WMCB cartridges combine the benefits of carbon block with a sediment filter to deliver up to two times the chlorine taste & odor reduction and dirt-holding capacity of standard carbon block cartridges.

  • Nominal 5- to 10-micron filtration rating
  • Highest sediment reduction capability available
  • Fibredyne™ carbon technology
  • Radial flow filtration for longer filter life
  • Unique post-filtration layer
  • Twice the chlorine taste & odor reduction of carbon block cartridges
  • High dirt-holding with low pressure drop and high flow
  • Long cartridge life for reduced maintenance
  • No fiber or carbon migration
  • Ideal for low water-pressure situations
  • Whole-house sediment and chlorine taste/odor reduction
  • Well and city water installations
  • Residential, commercial, food-service and industrial applications